A forest mystery


CREATED BY A HUMAN This unique piece of art was made by Ivan Hristov!

Story behind the photograph:

It was one of those cold winter mornings. I almost convinced myself to stay in bed instead of waking up at 5am. What really helps me get through this difficult early waking is the joy of taking photos at the best time of day. I quickly went about my morning routine and jumped in the car. After 20 minutes I was there. I was in the same place for the last 5 days in a row and had no chance to get an interesting shot. This time I decided to put all my imagination into it so that I could get the best out of the moment. The weather turned foggy and cloudy again, but I took it as an advantage and BAM! I took this minimalistic photo. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo has been taken at Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria.

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  1. Size (Landscape): 60 x 40 cm
  2. Cover: Acrylic glass (4 mm)
  3. High quality photo-paper
  4. Aluminum Composite Panel (Dibond)

Cause: Why do we need forests?

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Thanks to forests, we exist as human species. We breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day, usually without realizing it. We are powered by breathing!