Mount Sinanitsa


CREATED BY A HUMAN This unique piece of art was made by Ivan Hristov!

Story behind the photograph:

Legend of Mount Sinanitsa
In Turkish time, it was a bloody time, a Janissary time…

On the peaks of the enchanted Pirin, a wonderfully beautiful girl named Sinanitsa grazed her flock. She knew all the secret paths, admired the views of the sharp rocks, looked around at the blue, like her eyes, lakes.

Won’t you – Murat Bey learned about her beauty. He sent a trooper to hunt her down and bring her to him, but she managed to get away from her pursuers every time. Murat Bey got angry and went to look for her himself. Sneak through secret passages.

She noticed it at the last moment from the height of the top – for her there was only one way to save herself and her faith – to throw herself into the dizzying abyss! She didn’t hesitate, that’s what she did.

Angered by her act, Murat decided to go to her lifeless body to see if she was really as beautiful as he was told? When he approached – he noticed with astonishment that there was part of an amulet on Sinanitsa’s neck… On it was written the name Georgiitsa – the mother of Sinanitsa and the janissary Murat!

The other part of the amulet hung around his neck.

Then he realized that it was his own sister…

Destroyed by the grief of her death, as well as the invading memory of his forced abduction as a janissary, he decided – from now on he will be the greatest protector of the mountain and the outlaws on it…
Even today – the peaks of Georgiitsa, Sinanitsa and Muratov tell this legend with every gust of wind, sing their sorrow…

Photo has been taken at Pirin mountain, Bulgaria.

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  1. Size (Landscape): 50 x 75 cm
  2. Cover: Acrylic glass (4 mm)
  3. High quality photo-paper
  4. Aluminum Composite Panel (Dibond)

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